10 Features Why Every Gearhead Should Drive The Dodge Challenger SRT Demon

10 Features Why Every Gearhead Should Drive The Dodge Challenger SRT Demon. The Challenger SRT Demon is even mightier than the Hellcat version, boasting up to 840 horsepower and exclusive drag-racing equipment. Certain vehicles aren’t up to par with their name. They make promises but don’t provide. For instance, the Mitsubishi Charisma had none, however, Skoda Rapid did. Skoda Rapid wasn’t. Some, however, are allowed to use their fancy names. For instance, a Ford Bronco Raptor feels as powerful as you’d imagine, while its Ferrari 812 Superfast certainly was.

10 Reasons Why Every Gearhead Should Drive The Dodge Challenger SRT Demon
Image credit: Dodge

On the highest point of the tree for names that fit it is The Dodge Challenger SRT Demon. A car that is as terrifying as any gearhead could possibly want. While you think that the Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Redeye might be the ideal everyday driver but the Demon version is a thorn in the side of its attitude, aggression, and insaneness.

With a plethora of power, The Demon is a drag racing champion who has left a huge legacy. Chewing on tires at a rapid rate and devouring numerous supercars Here are 10 reasons why every gearhead must drive this car Dodge Challenger SRT Demon.

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It is Really Demonic

If a car was able to boast about its shell being transformed by spirits that are undead spirits, then the Challenger SRT Demon would be at the top of the line. A fierce, raging creation that grunts and spews at the touch of a throttle A Demon is a massive machine.

The assortment of horn-headed emblems which decorate the car conveys the spirit of the Demon perfectly. They appear wild and uncontrolled they give hints of what’s underneath the car’s hood. A powerful force that seems to change the world with so much ease.

Old School Cool

The special edition Challenger SRT Demon doesn’t need excessive bodywork, outrageous spoilers, or extravagant add-ons. Its simple approach to styling preserves the retro, refreshed Challenger style, and the subtle adjustments enhance its appeal and distinguish it from the other models.

But when a car can sound like that of the Challenger SRT Demon, there is no reason to wear an outrageous dress. The function is more important than the form. And it boasts the most functional hood scoop in any production vehicle. It’s a car built to speed, with no sacrifices.

Tire Smoking Power

In the middle of this beast is the 6.2-liter Hemi V8. It is also the biggest supercharger for gasoline ever found on a production car. This combination produces the most powerful 840hp and 770lb-ft of torque when fed top-quality race fuel.

Even with regular fuel even on regular gas, the SRT Demon makes 808hp and 717lb-ft of torque. This is a number that the majority of supercars can only imagine. When you press the pedal, you will make a set of regular rear road tires melt at an astonishing rate. When you have sticky drag-style slicks it’s just like flying.

Supercar Slaying Acceleration

When it comes to speed The Demon doesn’t take prisoners. The Challenger can reach speeds of 30mph in a single second. When fully launched it is estimated that it estimated that the SRT Demon can hit 1.8g off the line. The speedo needle can reach 60mph in just 2.3 seconds. It’s a truly amazing performance.

10 Reasons Why Every Gearhead Should Drive The Dodge Challenger SRT Demon
image credit: Dodge.com

A vehicle that can be driven for a trip to drag strips The Challenger SRT Demon will pass the quarter-mile mark in 9.65 seconds, at 140 mph. In design, the aim was always to create an automobile that could break the 10-second barrier. That’s an accomplishment, Dodge.

The Fear Of God

The process of opening the taps on the Challenger SRT Demon is not for the faint of heart. The power that flows through the rear of the car could be a bit unruly. If you’re not experienced with power, it can cause a nasty mark on the stripe and inside the pants.

When the throttle is open the sound produced from Demon is quite loud. Demon is almost raunchy. The loud V8, the persistent whining of the supercharger, and the screech as the tires attempt to subdue the monster. It’s a raucous pleasure that any fan of gears will immediately enjoy and fall in love with.

A Fistful Of Dollars

To make it stand out as the best of special edition vehicles The Challenger SRT Demon was offered with several attractive additional features. For just a dollar, the buyer could buy the seat of a passenger. For an additional $1, they could make them proud owners of the ‘The Crate. ‘

In a huge wooden box was a pair of narrow rear drag wheels and tires. An engine control modified that can maximize the increase to 100 octanes of fuel. A unique VIN plate is also included, along with an array of equipment to look like a professional pit crew.

Soon To Be Exorcised

Maniac vehicles like the fantastic Dodge Challenger SRT Demon will quickly become a cherished urban legend. Due to the necessity of eliminating fossil fuel-powered vehicles, their power source and the reason for their existence have been deemed to be politically wrong.

The massive shift to hydrogen, electrification, and other green alternative fuels indicates the end of the road for vehicles like the Demon. The car will be put in the history books too soon, it could turn into a showpiece at a museum and be treated as a show-and-shine gimmick.

A Bit Of A Deal

When it was first released in 2017 it was revealed that The SRT Demon was the most powerful automobile you could purchase. It weighed an impressive $84,995 and was bought by 3,300 enthusiastic Challenger supporters. It appeared to be a costly Challenger that delivered a dazzling performance at the cost of a tiny investment.

10 Reasons Why Every Gearhead Should Drive The Dodge Challenger SRT Demon
Image credit: Dodge.com

To attain this kind of performance elsewhere other than the US would have cost double the amount. Only supercars can provide this amount of speed and power. But, then, supercars tend to be a little too extravagant and, in the end, aren’t as stylish as a muscle car that can eat everything on the road.

Forthcoming Collectible

Although they are only sold only in only the USA and Canada utilized examples of the powerful SRT Demon have filtered all over the world. Prices have also increased and some are now trading with price ranges of $170,000. This is a significant increase from the initial price.

With its history, exclusivity, and low production volumes With its exclusivity, pedigree, and low production volume, the Challenger SRT Demon is set to become a collector’s item. It’s among the few truly overpowered muscle cars, which is a feature that separates it from other models. The prices will continue to increase and the car could become a popular legend.

The Challenging Challenger

From a single thought that it could be the best track ever, the Challenger SRT Demon is not to be handled by a gentle touch. The power of the beast can’t be controlled, however, the onboard computer can help. From this point, a range of helpful tools can be employed to manage the situation.

The ban was imposed by the NHRA from participating in events as well as it is believed that the Challenger SRT Demon is a wildcard. It is able to consume gasoline at a pace that leaves just a few zeros. Even when in ECO mode the car produces an impressive 500hp. It’s an ode of horsepower, and it’s done very well.


How much is an SRT Demon?

It starts at $86,090 with a destination fee of $1,095 and a tax on gas guzzlers of $1,700.

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